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EP62: PUBLICATION DAY! Back to Reality is Out Now!
It's Launch Day! After a year of podcasting and writing our book, Back to Reality is finally available to buy[...]
EP61: One Day to Go! Back to Reality Book Reading
In the seventh of our daily mini-episodes in the run-up to publication we thought you might like a little taster[...]
EP60: Two Days to Go! Favourite Pod Moments
In the sixth of our daily mini-episodes in the run-up to publication of Back to Reality, The Two Marks look[...]
The Back to Reality Launch Party
Join us on Monday 16th October for the launch of Back to Reality. Loads of amazing hardback free books PLUS[...]
EP59: Three Days to Go! Social Media
How do you harness the power of social media in your book launch? Find out in the fifth mini-episode, as[...]
EP58: Four Days to Go! Reviews & Launch Teams
​In the fourth of our daily mini-episodes in the run-up to publication we look at the importance of reviews and[...]
Vote for your Favourite Episode
Who was your favourite guest of the last 52 weeks? Vote now for the episode you most love and we'll reveal[...]
EP57: Five days to go! Beta readers and reviews
​In the third of our daily mini-episodes in the run-up to publication we look at Beta readers and reviews and[...]
EP56: Six Days to Go! Getting Quotes for Your Book
​How do you get pull quotes from other authors for your book? Find out in the second of our daily[...]
EP55: One Week to Go! Back to Reality & Blurbs
​Holy cow! Only seven days until we publish our novel, Back to Reality. This is the first of eight special[...]
EP54: The Mighty Joanna Penn
Only two weeks to go till the publication of our book Back To Reality, and we seek the advice of[...]
EP53: GollanczFest, Gin and a Special Guest
Only three weeks to go till publication, but we somehow found time to talk to the wonderful folk from Gollancz[...]
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