"27 Podcasts You Need To Start Listening To In 2018." Buzzfeed

"A weekly podcast bringing recognisable voices from writing & all aspects of publishing," The Guardian

"Meet the writer's who sell millions of books," Washington Post

"Thanks to the advice on writing, formatting, marketing and publishing... They wrote a bestseller," The Independent

"You pay £100s to get this depth of info at conferences. And it's all here. For free!" Gary Chapman

"Brilliant idea by brilliant people interviewing brilliant authors. Indispensable!" Octo900

"This fantastic podcast has given me the push to finally finish my book!" DocFourFour

"Excellent high quality podcast exploring the "business" of writing a bestseller," Sept2885

EP131: Sam Missingham – A massive boot up the arse for publishing
Sam Missingham fell in love with the quirks of the publishing industry when she started working at The Bookseller over[...]
EP130 Teaser: The Hero’s Journey Part 1
Mark Stay and Julian Barr, author of The Way Home, discuss Joseph Campell’s Hero’s Journey in the first of a[...]
EP129 Teaser: Romcoms
Mr. Stay discusses Romcoms with literary agent and romcom devotee Federica Leonardis in this special Deep Dive. We look at[...]
EP128: Youtube LIVE show with Ed Wilson (Mr. Stay’s agent spills the beans on money and more)
This is not the usual ‘How do you get an agent?’ show, instead we talk about money, author’s earnings, shrinking[...]
EP127: Cally Taylor aka CL Taylor aka six time Sunday Times Bestseller
You may know CL Taylor as the Sunday Times bestselling author of psychological thrillers The Lie, The Accident, The Fear[...]
EP126: Veronica Henry – A Recipe For A Bestseller
Veronica Henry is a Sunday Times bestselling novelist who started out as a writer on BBC radio’s The Archers after[...]
EP125: Steve Cavanagh – Author on the verge of a massive breakthrough
Steve Cavanagh is the author of the Eddie Flynn legal thrillers The Defence, The Plea, The Liar and now, with[...]
EP124 Teaser: Beta Readers
Feedback from Beta Readers can transform your writing, but how do you find them? How should you work with them?[...]
EP123: Warren Adler – The Master of Dysfunction
Warren Adler is best known for his classic bestseller The War of the Roses and has had the most incredible[...]
EP121 Teaser: State of the (publishing nation) with Sam Missingham
Hey Patreon supporters, we have over a month’s backlog of recordings on the podcast at the moment, but we wanted[...]
EP122: The kids are all right! Live Show with Amber Caravéo
The highlights from our live show with Children’s Literary Agent Amber Caravéo! Amber was formerly a commissioning editor at Random[...]
EP120: The Quanderhorn Xperimentations with Rob Grant and Andrew Marshall
Mr. Stay spoke to a pair of his TV writing heroes at the MCM Comic Con in London recently. Rob[...]
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