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EP27: From Script, To Screen, To Book | Jo Ho
Jo Ho is an award-winning screenwriter and director, best known for creating the BBC TV series Spirit Warriors, but she[...]
EP26: Author & Editor In A Hot Mess | Lucy Vine & Katie Seaman
Lucy Vine is a freelance journalist who has written for pretty much every magazine going. Inspired by one of Lucy’s[...]
EP25: The M Word | Shannon Mayer
We welcome back Shannon Mayer for the third and final part of our epic interview with her and we finally[...]
EP24: Liz Fenwick & The Crows Of Doubt
Is there such a thing as a positive rejection? This week we chat with award-winning author, Liz Fenwick about the[...]
EP23: The Plot Thickens
Licking the wounds from their encounter with Ben Aaronovitch last week about the progress of their novel, the two Marks[...]
EP22: Ben Aaronovitch and the Great Bollocking…
Ben Aaronovitch started writing for Doctor Who and became the author of the bestselling Peter Grant series that started with[...]
EP21: Obscurity to Million-Selling Indie Success | Mark Dawson
Mark Dawson had been published by a mainstream publisher, but to little success. A friend introduced him to Amazon’s Kindle[...]
EP20: Amazon | Kindle Direct Publishing with Darren Hardy
Self-publishing an eBook? You’re almost certainly going to be publishing on Kindle. We were delighted to speak to Kindle’s head[...]
EP19: Joe Hill
Joe is the bestselling author of Heart-Shaped Box, Horns, NOS4A2, Locke & Key and most recently the New York Times[...]
EP18: Behind Sarah Pinborough’s Eyes!
Sarah Pinborough has had over twenty novels published and written for TV and film. Sarah’s new thriller Behind Her Eyes[...]
EP17: Million-Selling Indie Secrets | Shannon Mayer Returns
The second part of our interview with bestselling Indie author Shannon Mayer who recently hit #2 in the main Amazon.com[...]
EP16: How Do I Get An Agent? | Federica Leonardis & Sonya Lalli
'How do I get a literary agent?' is one of the most common questions asked by new writers, so we[...]
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