EP268: Emergency Good News Special

We scrambled to put this episode together in which we try and put some positive vibes out into the world. We celebrate some of our listeners’ recent triumphs, we answer listener questions, discuss creativity, strategies for working from home, how to make the most of your day and why writing is so important. Sit back […]

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EP267: Deep Dive – Indie Children’s Publishing with Karen Inglis

Karen Inglis is a bestselling indie children’s author based in the UK. Her books have sold over 100,000 copies and in this Deep Dive episode she answers our listener questions on finding illustrators, printing, marketing, blurbs, age-ranging, the craft of writing children’s books and tips on running great school events. PODCAST Hear more at https://bestsellerexperiment.com/support […]

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EP266: One Page Punch-Ups with Emad Akhtar

We’re delighted to welcome back Orion Publisher (and Editor of the Year nominee!) Emad Akhtar to critique our latest round of One Page Punch-Ups. These are pages sent in by our Chart Topper Patreons. We read them and critique them and all learn a little something that we can use in our writing. And you […]

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Rerun EP004: Joanne Harris | Chocolat & Sheds

In this week’s episode from the BXP Archives… Best known for her novel Chocolat, which sold well over a million copies and was made into a movie starring Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche, Joanne has written over twenty books, including Runemarks and Gospel of Loki, which were based on Norse legend. We spoke with her […]

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EP265: BA Paris — Dilemmas and Digging Deep

BA Paris is the bestselling author of Behind Closed Doors, and with her new novel The Dilemma she takes a simple idea and digs deep with gripping effect. It’s this writing style that has sold over a million copies in the UK alone and made her an international bestseller. In a delightfully unassuming interview, she […]

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EP264: RNA Awards 2020

The Romantic Novelists’ Association celebrated their diamond anniversary last week with a glitzy award ceremony where four — FOUR! — of our listeners were nominated for awards. We spoke to them about the role the RNA has played in their careers, we bumped into our old friend Rowan Coleman, and we end with a very […]

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EP263: Steff Green – Heavy Metal Bestseller

Steff Green has written over 30 books since 2015. Her career started with a near-miss with a major publisher, but she struck out on her own and now she’s an award-winner, a USA Today bestseller, and passionate about her storytelling. In this episode you will discover: Steff’s tips for prolific writing How she worked towards […]

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2020 Writing Challenge

Fancy creating a writing habit of a lifetime? Join over 1,000 writers who have taken on the BXP2020 Daily Writing Challenge to write a minimum of 200 words a day. Over 3.2m words already written in the first two months! Find our more and register for free here. Also check out our special podcast episode […]

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EP262: James Swallow Listener Q&A – A Deep Dive

Ahead of our main episode with James Swallow in a few weeks, we have this exclusive Q&A with James where he answers our listener questions on working in rooms with other writers on series like The Black Library, and he gives us great tips on pace, characterisation, balancing realism and the fantastic, writing for games, […]

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Rerun EP003: Million-Selling Indie Author | Shannon Mayer

In this week’s episode from the BXP Archives… From farrier to million-selling indie author, USA Today bestseller, and writing machine, Shannon bestows wisdom, inspiration, and a quote that we want on t-shirts and bumper stickers. PODCAST Links… Sign up to the BXP2020 Challenge here: https://bestsellerexperiment.com/bxp2020/ Get 20% off PROWRITING AID here! Support us on Patreon […]

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