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EP246: A ProWritingAid Masterclass with Chris Banks

We took a chapter from Mr Stay’s new work-in-progress and ran it through ProWritingAid. PWA founder Chris Banks was on hand to give us greater insight into how to use PWA’s reports on readibility, style, dialogue, repetition, sticky sentences and glue indexes, more effectively. PODCAST For the special Black Friday deal mentioned in the show, […]

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EP243: Networking for Writers – With Dana Kaye

Dana Kaye is the author of Your Book, Your Brand and is the founder of Kaye Publicity, specialising in publishing and entertainment. She gives us great insight into how you can network while overcoming anxieties, and she answers our listener questions on building relationships with bloggers, reviewers and readers. Links Kaye Publicity: https://kayepublicity.com PODCAST Hear […]

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EP237: How Book Deals Work with Phoebe Morgan

In the fourth of a series of Deep Dives into the business side of dealing with publishers and agents we speak to Phoebe Morgan, author and publisher. Phoebe takes us through the essentials of how a publisher chooses the books it publishes, and the common misconceptions that debut authors might have. We also discuss cover […]

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EP228: Hera Books – Everyone is A-List

Just over a year ago Keshini Naidoo and Lindsey Mooney left their jobs and took a huge risk to create Hera Books. A year on they tell us the biggest lessons they’ve learned, how some of their first authors were our listeners. They give us tips on how publishers select books for their lists and […]

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EP226: An Audiobooks Masterclass with Kim Bretton

Kim is the narrator and producer of the Back to Reality audiobook and we go into detail about the process of preparing, recording and producing an audiobook with countless tips for writers on how to work with producers to get the best audiobook possible. Audiobooks are the fastest growing medium for writers and this is […]

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