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EP326: Deep Dive — Book Launches with Sara Cox

Mark Stay is joined by Sara Cox — who helped him launch his novel The Crow Folk earlier this year — to answer listener questions on Book Launches, including… how far should you plan ahead, the different types of launches, the pre-launch essentials, post-launch best practice and much, much more. Links: Sara’s website: saranaidinecox.com Sara on […]

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EP324: Deep Dive — Writing Horror with Adam Nevill

Award-winning horror author Adam Nevill answers our listener questions on setting the mood, balancing gore and terror to find the right tone, research into the supernormal, getting into the minds of perpetrators of evil, the biggest lessons he has learned in his extraordinary career, how screenwriting has helped his novel writing, and how he’s conditioned […]

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EP302: Deep Dive — Literary Agent Q&A with John Jarrold

John Jarrold is a literary agent and editor who has worked with the likes of Michael Moorcock, Guy Gavriel Kay and John Courtney Grimwood. He answers our Patreon and Academates’ questions on pitching to agents, common mistakes, how self-published authors can approach agents, genres, self-representation and editorial tips on point-of-view, dialogue, words to avoid and […]

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EP295: Fearless Worldbuilding. A Deep Dive with Allen Stroud

Author Allen Stroud is the current chair of the British Science Fiction Association and has a Masters Degree in Science Fiction and Fantasy Worldbuilding. In this special Deep Dive Allen talks about his new novel Fearless, writing for characters with disabilities, and he has some amazing tips on world building. Links: THE BESTSELLER ACADEMY: bestsellerexperiment.com/academy […]

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EP293: Getting Published is Just the Beginning. A Deep Dive with Rhoda Baxter

Rhoda Baxter returns to the podcast with an amazing book that covers everything authors need to know about all the scary stuff: contracts, intellectual property, rights, and income. In this Deep Dive, she answers listeners questions on advances, choosing agents, negotiating terms, audio rights, and the steps that you can take before you’re even published. […]

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