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EP293: Getting Published is Just the Beginning. A Deep Dive with Rhoda Baxter

Rhoda Baxter returns to the podcast with an amazing book that covers everything authors need to know about all the scary stuff: contracts, intellectual property, rights, and income. In this Deep Dive, she answers listeners questions on advances, choosing agents, negotiating terms, audio rights, and the steps that you can take before you’re even published. […]

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EP290: Deep Dive – Crate Digging with David Pennington

David Pennington is an author, writing coach and copywriter who is on a mission to improve how we tell stories. In this Deep Dive we discuss the importance of drafting, tapping into your “mental milk” and “infinite brain”, why you need to hold yourself accountable, and getting ideas via “crate digging”. Links: David’s blog: https://www.dtpennington.com/copy-and-content-blog […]

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EP272: Deep Dive – An Editorial Q&A with Rachel Winterbottom

Rachel Winterbottom is Senior Commissioning Editor at Gollancz and she also writes fiction as Rachel Winters. Rachel answers our listener questions on the editorial process, what editors are looking for, tropes, word count, social media, deadlines, publication scheduling, conventions and much more! Links Rachel on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Frostycheeks Cymera 2020 online festival: https://www.cymerafestival.co.uk (Rachel’s photo by […]

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EP267: Deep Dive – Indie Children’s Publishing with Karen Inglis

Karen Inglis is a bestselling indie children’s author based in the UK. Her books have sold over 100,000 copies and in this Deep Dive episode she answers our listener questions on finding illustrators, printing, marketing, blurbs, age-ranging, the craft of writing children’s books and tips on running great school events. PODCAST Hear more at https://bestsellerexperiment.com/support […]

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EP262: James Swallow Listener Q&A – A Deep Dive

Ahead of our main episode with James Swallow in a few weeks, we have this exclusive Q&A with James where he answers our listener questions on working in rooms with other writers on series like The Black Library, and he gives us great tips on pace, characterisation, balancing realism and the fantastic, writing for games, […]

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