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EP418: Deep Dive — Blurbs with Louise Willder

Louise Willder has been a copywriter at Penguin Books for twenty-five years. During this time, she estimates she has produced about 5,000 blurbs. She now shares her knowledge and experience in her amazing new book, Blurb Your Enthusiasm, which looks at the evolution of blurbs. In this Deep Dive, Louise shares incredibly helpful tips for writing your own and […]

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EP413: Deep Dive — Forensics with Dr Devin Finaughty and Chandra Finaughty

Dr Devin Finaughty is a lecturer in forensic science the University of Kent, Chandra Finaughty has two Masters specialising in forensics and a teaching fellow at King’s College, London. They answer questions from our Patrons and Academates on forensics in fiction, including the CSI effect, working a crime scene, and essential resources for writers and […]

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EP412: Ed McDonald — “Do Everything Now”

Ed McDonald returns to the podcast with a new fantasy series, The Redwinter Chronicles, and we discuss how the fantasy genre has changed in the short time since we last spoke. Ed also discusses a life-threatening illness that has given him a new perspective on his writing. And in the extended version for Patreons and […]

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EP411: Deep Dive — Writing and Directing Independent Film with Danny Stack and Tim Clague

Danny Stack and Tim Clague are award-winning screenwriters and directors who have never waited for permission from the industry to make their movies. As Future TX, their new family science fiction adventure feature film, hits Odeon cinemas in the UK, Danny and Tim reveal how they’ve made and released two independent feature films. They offer […]

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