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EP025: The M Word | Shannon Mayer

In this week’s episode from the BXP Archives… We welcome back Shannon Mayer for the third and final part of our epic interview with her and we finally tackle something that can put the fear of death into many authors… Marketing. PODCAST Links… Sign up to the BXP2020 Challenge here: https://bestsellerexperiment.com/bxp2020/ Get 20% off PROWRITING […]

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EP293: Getting Published is Just the Beginning. A Deep Dive with Rhoda Baxter

Rhoda Baxter returns to the podcast with an amazing book that covers everything authors need to know about all the scary stuff: contracts, intellectual property, rights, and income. In this Deep Dive, she answers listeners questions on advances, choosing agents, negotiating terms, audio rights, and the steps that you can take before you’re even published. […]

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EP292: Rowan Coleman — Writing is Well Hard

We welcome bestselling author Rowan Coleman back to the podcast, but this time she’s wearing a Brontë bonnet. Writing as Bella Ellis she is two books into the Brontë Mysteries, which imagines the famous sisters as mystery-solving sleuths. Rowan takes us through her process of research and strategies for writing around history and real people. […]

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EP024: Liz Fenwick & The Crows Of Doubt

In this week’s episode from the BXP Archives… Is there such a thing as a positive rejection? This week we chat with award-winning author, Liz Fenwick about the importance of persistency on the journey to being published, why your book’s location matters, the world of literary consultancies and how to silence your inner critic. PODCAST […]

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EP291: Sally Gardner – Writing in Colour

Sally Gardner is an award-winning novelist who has sold more than 2.5 million books worldwide. The Snow Song is her third adult novel is about a woman who loses her voice as the snow falls. With themes of isolation it feels more relevant than ever. Sally is huge fun and takes us through her incredible […]

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EP022: Ben Aaronovitch and the Great Bollocking…

In this week’s episode from the BXP Archives… Ben Aaronovitch started writing for Doctor Who and became the author of the bestselling Peter Grant series that started with Rivers Of London in 2011 and has been hugely successful, regularly hitting the Sunday Times bestsellers top ten. We were delighted to get Ben for a conversation full of fireworks. […]

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EP290: Deep Dive – Crate Digging with David Pennington

David Pennington is an author, writing coach and copywriter who is on a mission to improve how we tell stories. In this Deep Dive we discuss the importance of drafting, tapping into your “mental milk” and “infinite brain”, why you need to hold yourself accountable, and getting ideas via “crate digging”. Links: David’s blog: https://www.dtpennington.com/copy-and-content-blog […]

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EP289: Four More Years! Live Show

We celebrate four years of the podcast with a live show where our Patrons and Academy members ask us anything and everything. The Two Marks reveal how the podcast started, who they would cast in the movie of Back to Reality, how the podcast has changed them, their favourite writing tips, what they’re proudest of […]

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EP019: Joe Hill

In this week’s episode from the BXP Archives… Joe is the bestselling author of Heart-Shaped Box, Horns, NOS4A2, Locke & Key and most recently the New York Times #1 epic blockbuster The Fireman. Joe, son of Stephen King, is powerhouse storyteller from an incredible family of writers. PODCAST Links… Sign up to the BXP2020 Challenge […]

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