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Ep485 — Christmas Special 2023

Mr Stay’s final episode as a co-presenter! The Two Marks celebrate Christmas by looking back at some of Mr Stay’s favourite moments of the podcast before he rides off into the sunset. But don’t worry! The podcast will continue and Mr D gives a few hints at what’s coming, but first we start with a […]

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Ep481 — Jake Lamar — “Make it Sing.”

Jake Lamar developed his latest work Viper’s Dream as both a radio play and a novel. Jake tells us what he learned working for Time magazine, gives us a crucial tip for writing about real figures from recent history, and how he learned to make his writing sing… And in the extended version for Academy […]

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Ep480 — Graham Hurley — “Soft Linkage.”

The author of 49 books and counting, Graham Hurley returns with his latest WWII thriller The Blood of Others. He takes us through his extraordinary career and discusses writing in a genre that he wasn’t a fan of, writing a series without a recurring lead character and the benefits of long publisher lunches. And in […]

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