The Bestseller Experiment Wins Best Books Podcast at the Independent Podcast Awards

The Bestseller Experiment won Best Books Podcast at the Independent Podcast Awards at a ceremony in central London this evening. Shortlisted in a strong category featuring top podcasts from the world of books and literature, the Bestseller Experiment took home the prestigious award.

Launched in 2016, The Bestseller Experiment inspires writers to start, finish and publish their book. Each episode offers inspiration, encouragement and advice from the hosts and the 500 bestseller authors interviewed who have collectively sold over one billion books.

The podcast has built a dedicated following, many of whom have attributed the success of their writing as a direct result of the podcast, which has been credited together with the hosts in a growing library of books, including multiple bestsellers.

Co-hosts, Mark Stay and Mark Desvaux, known affectionately as the Two Marks, successfully challenged themselves to write the bestselling novel ‘Back to Reality‘ as part of the podcast’s first season.

The 200 Word Challenge, which challenges authors to write a minimum of 200 words a day has seen over thirty million words banked via the challenge’s online accountability habit app.

At the ceremony, Mark Stay thanked on behalf of himself and fellow co-host Mark Desvaux the bestselling authors who have appeared on the show, their publicists, the show’s team Dave, JD and Liza, the support of our families, patrons and sponsors, the “Academates” from the Bestseller Academy writing school, the 200 Word Challengers and the podcast’s listeners affectionately known as “Experimates”.

These individuals have generously shared their stories, publicly declared their writing dreams, and contributed to the podcast achieving over a million downloads, making it one of the most popular writing podcasts on the planet.


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