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We really appreciate you taking the time to join us at The Bestseller Experiment. It started off as a crazy idea but we have always said that if one person manages to write a bestseller, and other discover a new found love for writing, then it will have been worthwhile. People often ask how they can help spread the word so we put this page together so you can help spread the love.

Many podcasters spend months working on their shows, but get very few reviews. Why? Well it take a little effort, but mainly because they don't ask. We are also not great at asking, but we suddenly realised...

If we are going to market a book up the charts, we have to get used to asking! So this is us, asking if you would like to earn 10,000 Karma points in your future life by going on a two little missions for us. We would massively appreciate if you could following the steps below. This would make a HUGE different to helping spread the word, and when we next see you, we'd give you our last chocolate Hob-Nob.

MISSION 1: Subscribe, Rate and Review the Podcast on iTunes
There are 4 steps to this.
Visit: http://bestsellerexperiment.com/itunes
(1) Subscribe
(2) Click on Ratings and Reviews

(3) Add a Star Rating (5 would be lovely!)
(4) Add a Review (this scores BIG TIME with iTunes - with enough we could hit the charts!)

(5) Recommend us on your Social Media networks 
There a little drop down arrow by Subscribe where you can do this for Facebook and Twitter. The "Tell a Friend" might come in handy for people not on your social network who love to write.

Are you still here? Wow! Here are five other "quickies" that would be amazing
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By the way... did we mention you are a SUPERSTAR!! Thank you.

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