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EP329: Nicola May — You Have To Be Persistent
Nicola May is the bestselling author of a dozen romantic comedies, all of which have topped the UK Kindle charts,[...]
EP328: RJ MCBRIEN — Let The Subconscious Take Control
RJ McBrien’s career as a screenwriter saw him writing for Spooks, Wallander and The Bill, and now he’s delivered his[...]
EP327: Adam Simcox — A Leisurely Stroll, Barefoot Over Broken Glass
Adam Simcox is a filmmaker whose debut novel The Dying Squad is published by Gollancz. Adam takes us through his[...]
EP326: Deep Dive — Book Launches with Sara Cox
Mark Stay is joined by Sara Cox — who helped him launch his novel The Crow Folk earlier this year[...]
EP325: Sue Teddern — A Story Is A Story, However You Tell it
Sue Teddern has written for TV and radio and now she’s written her debut novel, Anne Stanley All At Sea.[...]
EP324: Deep Dive — Writing Horror with Adam Nevill
Award-winning horror author Adam Nevill answers our listener questions on setting the mood, balancing gore and terror to find the[...]
EP323: Nicole Kennedy — Perfection Takes Time
We always love it when one of our listeners is published, but Nicole Kennedy’s debut novel Everything’s Perfect had a[...]
EP322: Joe Thomas — Balancing Exposition and Realism
With his new novel Brazilian Psycho, author Joe Thomas completes the São Paulo Quartet, a series that evolved from his[...]
EP321: Damien Lewis — History Isn’t Static
A narrative non-fiction treat this week as bestselling historian Damien Lewis tell us about the extraordinary heroes of his new[...]
EP320: Nadine Matheson — A Little Bit of Dismemberment
Nadine Matheson’s debut thriller The Jigsaw Man has been hailed as one of the event debuts of the year. But[...]
EP319: Sarah Moorhead and Stuart Turton — Teacher, Student & Metempsychosis
Do you have a favourite teacher? One who encouraged you to write, maybe? This special episode is for all the[...]
EP318: Deep Dive — Writing Sex Scenes with Caedis Knight
Sex scenes in fiction can be difficult to get right, so much so that there’s even an award for writers[...]
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