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"A weekly podcast bringing recognisable voices from writing & all aspects of publishing," The Guardian

"Meet the writer's who sell millions of books," Washington Post

"Thanks to the advice on writing, formatting, marketing and publishing... They wrote a bestseller," The Independent

"You pay £100s to get this depth of info at conferences. And it's all here. For free!" Gary Chapman

"Brilliant idea by brilliant people interviewing brilliant authors. Indispensable!" Octo900

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"Excellent high quality podcast exploring the "business" of writing a bestseller," Sept2885

EP025: The M Word | Shannon Mayer
In this week's episode from the BXP Archives... We welcome back Shannon Mayer for the third and final part of[...]
EP293: Getting Published is Just the Beginning. A Deep Dive with Rhoda Baxter
Rhoda Baxter returns to the podcast with an amazing book that covers everything authors need to know about all the[...]
EP292: Rowan Coleman — Writing is Well Hard
We welcome bestselling author Rowan Coleman back to the podcast, but this time she’s wearing a Brontë bonnet. Writing as[...]
EP024: Liz Fenwick & The Crows Of Doubt
In this week's episode from the BXP Archives... Is there such a thing as a positive rejection? This week we[...]
EP291: Sally Gardner – Writing in Colour
Sally Gardner is an award-winning novelist who has sold more than 2.5 million books worldwide. The Snow Song is her[...]
EP022: Ben Aaronovitch and the Great Bollocking…
In this week's episode from the BXP Archives... Ben Aaronovitch started writing for Doctor Who and became the author of the[...]
EP290: Deep Dive – Crate Digging with David Pennington
David Pennington is an author, writing coach and copywriter who is on a mission to improve how we tell stories.[...]
EP289: Four More Years! Live Show
We celebrate four years of the podcast with a live show where our Patrons and Academy members ask us anything[...]
EP019: Joe Hill
In this week's episode from the BXP Archives... Joe is the bestselling author of Heart-Shaped Box, Horns, NOS4A2, Locke &[...]
EP288: Deep Dive – YouTube for Authors with Jeremy Mason
How can authors use YouTube to engage with readers and drive sales? We talk to Jeremy Mason a TV Producer,[...]
EP287: Charles Stross — Don’t Wait. Write!
Charles Stross is the multi-award winning author of bestselling series of space opera, alt-history and more. With his new novel[...]
EP018: Behind Sarah Pinborough’s Eyes!
In this week's episode from the BXP Archives... Sarah Pinborough has had over twenty novels published and written for TV and[...]
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