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EP256: Caroline Mitchell and the Law of Attraction
Number one bestselling author Caroline Mitchell recently Tweeted that she had sold a million copies of her books since first[...]
EP255: The Itty Bitty Indie Experiment – A Deep Dive
When Robyn Sarty set up her own publisher, Belwood Publishing, she approached Sage Gordon-Davis about writing a series of sweet[...]
EP254: The BXP2020 Challenge Has Lift-Off
It’s 2020 and the BXP2020 challenge is off to an amazing start with over 118.5 million words pledged already! We've[...]
EP253: Kickstarter Tips with A.Y. Chao
Author A.Y. Chao tells us how she funded her debut novel Soul Affinity on Kickstarter in just 4 days! If[...]
EP252: Scott Pack – Tips from a Publisher
Scott Pack celebrates 20 years in publishing in 2020, having worked as head of buying for Waterstones, and as a[...]
EP251: The 2019 Christmas Special
We take stock of the year so far and read out some of the messages we’ve had from our amazing[...]
EP250: Live Show BXP 2020 Challenge FAQs
As we approach the end of the year, we contemplate hibernating after NanoWriMo before gearing up for the BXP2020 challenge[...]
EP249: One Page Punch-Ups with Emad Akhtar
We are delighted to welcome back Orion Publisher Emad Akhtar to critique our latest round of One Page Punch-Ups. These[...]
EP248: Comedy Women in Print with Helen Lederer, Kirsty Eyre & Martha Ashby
Another one of our listeners is an award winner! Kirsty Eyre won the inaugural Comedy Women in Print “Unpublished” award[...]
EP247: Pitch Power with Kate Harrison
We welcome Kate back to the podcast to celebrate the release of her new book for writers Pitch Power- discover[...]
EP246: A ProWritingAid Masterclass with Chris Banks
We took a chapter from Mr Stay’s new work-in-progress and ran it through ProWritingAid. PWA founder Chris Banks was on[...]
EP245: Swearing Is Good For You with Dr Emma Byrne
“Bad language” is a divisive issue for writers. Some revel in it, others work hard to keep it clean. Dr[...]
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