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"Excellent high quality podcast exploring the "business" of writing a bestseller," Sept2885

EP419: SJ Bennett — “A Relentlessly Positive Attitude”
SJ Bennett had a successful career writing award-winning books for teenagers, but after a change in the market and a[...]
EP418: Deep Dive — Blurbs with Louise Willder
Louise Willder has been a copywriter at Penguin Books for twenty-five years. During this time, she estimates she has produced about 5,000[...]
EP417: Harriet Tyce — “Trying to Outdo Myself.”
Harriet Tyce tells us about her brilliant new thriller It Ends at Midnight, how the amazing reception to her debut[...]
EP416: Alan Gorevan — “Write Something and Release It”
Alan Gorevan is an Irish thriller writer and winner of the Irish Writers’ Centre Novel Fair competition. Alan was preparing[...]
EP415: Tracey Lien — “You’re Digging for Clay”
Tracey Lien’s debut All That’s Left Unsaid was sold in a nine-way auction and she tells us why it was[...]
EP414: A.G. Riddle — “What is Right, Right Now?”
A.G. Riddle spent ten years starting internet companies before retiring to pursue his true passion of writing fiction. His novels[...]
EP413: Deep Dive — Forensics with Dr Devin Finaughty and Chandra Finaughty
Dr Devin Finaughty is a lecturer in forensic science the University of Kent, Chandra Finaughty has two Masters specialising in[...]
EP412: Ed McDonald — “Do Everything Now”
Ed McDonald returns to the podcast with a new fantasy series, The Redwinter Chronicles, and we discuss how the fantasy[...]
EP411: Deep Dive — Writing and Directing Independent Film with Danny Stack and Tim Clague
Danny Stack and Tim Clague are award-winning screenwriters and directors who have never waited for permission from the industry to[...]
EP410: Jenny Ashcroft — “Self-Perpetuating Support.”
Jenny Ashcroft has always been fascinated with the past and how extraordinary events can change the lives of ordinary people.[...]
EP409: Sixth Birthday Special — How to Make a Podcast
The two Marks celebrate six years of the podcast by giving their listeners a peek behind the scenes to see[...]
EP408: Deep Dive — ADHD and Writers with Kim Raine
Kim Raine is a High-Performance ADHD Coach, and the founder of ADHD Brains In Business, and she's the author of[...]
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