"27 Podcasts You Need To Start Listening To In 2018." Buzzfeed

"A weekly podcast bringing recognisable voices from writing & all aspects of publishing," The Guardian

"Meet the writer's who sell millions of books," Washington Post

"Thanks to the advice on writing, formatting, marketing and publishing... They wrote a bestseller," The Independent

"You pay £100s to get this depth of info at conferences. And it's all here. For free!" Gary Chapman

"Brilliant idea by brilliant people interviewing brilliant authors. Indispensable!" Octo900

"This fantastic podcast has given me the push to finally finish my book!" DocFourFour

"Excellent high quality podcast exploring the "business" of writing a bestseller," Sept2885

EP155: Catherine Ryan Howard – Get Your Arse In The Chair
Catherine started by self-publishing her travel adventures and has gone on to write USA Today and Irish Times bestselling thrillers.[...]
EP154: Mark Billingham – From a shoutline to five million books sold
Mark Billingham is renowned for his bestselling crime thrillers, not least the Jack Thorne series. Having now sold over 5[...]
EP153: From a Pitch to a Deal, with Alison Belsham
Alison Belsham tells us how her debut novel The Tattoo Thief started with a pitch at a crime festival and[...]
EP152: Editing Masterclass with Emad Akhtar and Caroline Hulse
The highlights from our YouTube Live Show for our Patreon supporters. We talk through the editorial process with author Caroline[...]
EP151: Matthew Reilly – How To Sell 8 Million Books Out of the Back of Your Car
Matthew Reilly self-published his first novel when he was 19, selling copies from the back of his car. Now with[...]
EP150: Joanna Nadin – The Queen of Bloody Everything
Joanna Nadin has written over 70 award-winning books for children and adults and recently inspired Mr. Stay to completely re-write[...]
EP149: Halloween Special with Ramsey Campbell
Ramsey Campbell is a legend of horror fiction who has been terrifying readers for over six decades, so who better[...]
EP148: RJ Barker and Explosions of Joy
RJ Barker combines the page-turning thrills of a whodunnit crime thriller and the world-building of fantasy in his Wounded Kingdom[...]
EP147: Defying the Odds with Sherrilyn Kenyon
Sherrilyn Kenyon’s first book was published when she was still in college, since then she has had more than 80[...]
EP146 Teaser: Deep Dive: Essential Guide to Bloggers and Blog Tours
An essential guide to bloggers and blog tours with Gollancz’s Publicity Manager Stevie Finegan. You will discover how to find[...]
145: Mr. Stay’s Hot Tub Alpine Retreat with Marcus Sedgwick and Dawn Kurtagich
Mr. Stay overcomes his suspicion of writing retreats and joins award-winning author Marcus Sedgwick on his retreat in the Alps[...]
EP144 Teaser: Deep Dive with Clare Christian
A special episode where we talk to Clare Christian from RedDoor Publishing about their hybrid model of publishing where the[...]
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