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"Meet the writer's who sell millions of books," Washington Post

"Thanks to the advice on writing, formatting, marketing and publishing... They wrote a bestseller," The Independent

"You pay £100s to get this depth of info at conferences. And it's all here. For free!" Gary Chapman

"Brilliant idea by brilliant people interviewing brilliant authors. Indispensable!" Octo900

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"Excellent high quality podcast exploring the "business" of writing a bestseller," Sept2885

EP436: Dave Dawson — “Grammar Free in the UK”
Derek and Dave Philpott have been writing strange letters to famous musicians for ten years now, and getting even stranger[...]
EP435: Rosie Andrews — “Carve out time for yourself”
Rosie Andrews’ debut novel The Leviathan is rooted in her passion for history and she tells us how she was[...]
EP434: Mark Edwards — “It Changed My Life.”
Mark Edwards returns to the podcast to celebrate ten years since his first solo novel The Magpies. He tells us[...]
EP433: Matt Brown — “The Worst Thing They’d Ever Read”
Matt Brown is the author of such wonderful children’s books at the Compton Valance series (about a boy who creates[...]
EP432: Zack & Michael Urlocker — “There Can Only Be One Boss.”
Twin brothers Zack and Michael Urlocker write together as M.Z. Urlocker, and their debut novel The Man from Mittelwerk is[...]
EP431: Richard Armitage — “Know, Don’t Show.”
As well as starring in the likes of The Hobbit and Spooks, the actor Richard Armitage is also a prolific[...]
EP430: Simon Scarrow — “Trust the Reader”
Simon Scarrow is best known for his Eagles of the Empire series that began in 2000 with Under the Eagle[...]
EP429: Deep Dive — Second Sky with Jack Renninson
Digital-first publisher Bookouture are now applying their publishing model to science fiction and fantasy with their new imprint Second Sky. We[...]
EP428: Peter May — “I Felt a Weight Lift.”
Bestselling author Peter May returns to the podcast with his gripping new novel A Winter Grave, a near future thriller[...]
EP427 — Deep Dive — Unwelcome with Jon Wright and Mark Stay
Director Jon Wright joins Mark Stay to answer listener questions on the development of their new monster movie Unwelcome. They[...]
EP426: Lou Abercrombie — “I Write Whilst I Swim.”
Lou Abercrombie worked in TV and film production and as a photographer, and a few years ago started writing children’s[...]
EP425: MATT CAIN — “Write with Heart and Humour.”
Matt Cain endured rejections from thirty agents and fifty publishers before getting his debut novel published… and then it didn’t[...]
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