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EP124 Teaser: Beta Readers

Feedback from Beta Readers can transform your writing, but how do you find them? How should you work with them? And should you become one yourself? Discover more in this week’s Deep Dive as Mark Stay is joined by Julian Barr. Hear more at PODCAST Find out more at   Thanks for listening and […]

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EP122: The kids are all right! Live Show with Amber Caravéo

The highlights from our live show with Children’s Literary Agent Amber Caravéo! Amber was formerly a commissioning editor at Random House Children’s Books and Editorial Director at Orion Children’s Books and is co-founder of Skylark Literary – an agency specialising in children’s authors. Amber has worked some incredible children’s authors including Liz Kessler, Caroline Lawrence, […]

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EP119: Crowdfunding tips with Jimmy Leach

Crowdfunding is an increasingly common and way for authors to make their project come to life. But how to do this if you’re queasy about asking for money? Jimmy is the Head of Crowdfunding at Unbound Books and he talked us through to dos and don’ts of raising money for creative projects.   To support […]

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EP118 Teaser: Rights

In one of our Industry Insider Deep Dives we talk to Jessica Purdue from the Orion Publishing Group’s Rights department about TV/Film rights, royalties, licences, renewals, translations, co-editions and all sorts of other fascinating ways for authors to make money from their work. Hear more at PODCAST Find out more at   Thanks for […]

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EP116 Teaser: Adaptation

This week’s topic of adaptation came from one of our Patreon supporters and listeners Julian Barr, who joined me to discuss the various methods for adapting from one medium to another, including radio, epic poems, novels, TV and feature films. Hear more at PODCAST BUY Back to Reality – the novel from the Podcast […]

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