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EP360: A Christmas Special with the Two Marks

Join the Two Marks in a Christmas special where they invited their listeners to share their favourite Christmas books and gifts. They dive into the most-loved books, annuals, games, bikes, cuddly toys, dolls and discover how these gifts have shaped us all as writers. We also resolve the Sindy versus Barbie debate once and for […]

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EP171: James Oswald – From Self-Published To Six Figure Deals

We haven’t had many authors who have Sheep Shit Sampler on their resumé, but James Oswald is a farmer who has gone from self-publishing fantasy fiction to six-figure deals with Penguin and Wildfire. His story is inspirational and extraordinary. To support the show, check out bestsellerexperiment.com/support Our novel Back To Reality is out now bestsellerexperiment.com/backtoreality […]

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EP148: RJ Barker and Explosions of Joy

RJ Barker combines the page-turning thrills of a whodunnit crime thriller and the world-building of fantasy in his Wounded Kingdom series, the first of which was written in just six weeks! RJ tells us why he gets explosions of joy while writing, and this is the only episode of the podcast to cover the important […]

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