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Ep485 — Christmas Special 2023

Mr Stay’s final episode as a co-presenter! The Two Marks celebrate Christmas by looking back at some of Mr Stay’s favourite moments of the podcast before he rides off into the sunset. But don’t worry! The podcast will continue and Mr D gives a few hints at what’s coming, but first we start with a […]

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EP289: Four More Years! Live Show

We celebrate four years of the podcast with a live show where our Patrons and Academy members ask us anything and everything. The Two Marks reveal how the podcast started, who they would cast in the movie of Back to Reality, how the podcast has changed them, their favourite writing tips, what they’re proudest of […]

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EP157: A Christmas Special with Ian Rankin

A Christmas treat as we speak to bestselling author Ian Rankin who takes us through his incredible career, including tips on plotting, research, and his worst habit when writing, his favourite mistake (which he kept in the book) and he tells us his Sean Connery story… To support the show, check out bestsellerexperiment.com/support Our novel […]

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