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EP352: Sasha Greene — Trust and the Writer

Sasha Greene returns to the podcast with her new novel Trust, which explore ideas such as PTSD, sexual assault and coercive control. Sasha takes us through her process of research, how she writes just one day a week to a deadline, and why no writing is ever wasted. In this episode you will discover: How […]

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EP347: Alan Gillespie & Emma Grae — Vernacular Voices

Alan Gillespie & Emma Grae are writers from Scotland who both have unique and distinct voices. Alan wrote The Mash House dialogue without punctuation, and Emma wrote Be Guid Tae Yer Mammy in Scottish vernacular. We talk about finding your voice as an author — and the voices of characters — who might otherwise have been overlooked by traditional […]

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EP346: Fifth Anniversary Live Show!

The Two Marks celebrate five years of the Bestseller Experiment and answer listener questions on favourite moments, best writing advice, how their writing has changed and how much of Mr D’s woo-woo had rubbed off on Mr Stay and why semi colons are the work of Satan. We’ve also added some birthday messages from guests […]

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EP340: Abi Silver — Why We Write

Abi Silver is a lawyer and the author of Burton & Lamb courtroom thrillers, including the latest The Midas Game, which dives into the world of online gaming and Youtubers. Abi also wrote an article on why writers write and she tells us why your writing matters. And the two Marks get nostalgic for early […]

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EP338: Sarah Denzil — If I Surprise Myself, I Surprise the Reader

Sarah Denzil is the million-copy bestselling author of Silent Child, and its sequel Stolen Girl is premiering on audio first. We discuss writing at work, writing in notebooks, how feedback boosted her confidence, and recording and releasing audiobooks in various formats, including multi-voice recordings and dramatisations. In this episode you will discover: Tips for writing […]

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