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EP407: CL Taylor — “Trust Your Gut”

We welcome Sunday Times bestselling author CL Taylor back to the podcast with her new novel The Guilty Couple. In an interview packed with amazing advice, she takes us step-by-step through her creative process, from first idea to finished novel. And in the extended version for Patreons and Academates, the two Marks discuss wants, needs […]

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EP405: Deep Dive — TikTok with Suzie Edge

Suzie Edge has nearly 250,000 followers on TikTok with nearly 5.5m likes. Suzie tells us what she’s discovered in using the app over three years and how it’s been driving pre-orders for her new book Mortal Monarchs. We discuss what kinds of content attracts followers, and why authors are perfect for TikTok because we tell […]

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