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EP295: Fearless Worldbuilding. A Deep Dive with Allen Stroud

Author Allen Stroud is the current chair of the British Science Fiction Association and has a Masters Degree in Science Fiction and Fantasy Worldbuilding. In this special Deep Dive Allen talks about his new novel Fearless, writing for characters with disabilities, and he has some amazing tips on world building. Links: THE BESTSELLER ACADEMY: bestsellerexperiment.com/academy […]

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EP287: Charles Stross — Don’t Wait. Write!

Charles Stross is the multi-award winning author of bestselling series of space opera, alt-history and more. With his new novel Dead Lies Dreaming he jumps back into his Laundry Files universe, and he gives us some incredible tips on writing successful long-running series and how to grow your reader base. And the Two Marks look […]

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