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EP324: Deep Dive — Writing Horror with Adam Nevill

Award-winning horror author Adam Nevill answers our listener questions on setting the mood, balancing gore and terror to find the right tone, research into the supernormal, getting into the minds of perpetrators of evil, the biggest lessons he has learned in his extraordinary career, how screenwriting has helped his novel writing, and how he’s conditioned […]

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EP323: Nicole Kennedy — Perfection Takes Time

We always love it when one of our listeners is published, but Nicole Kennedy’s debut novel Everything’s Perfect had a rocky road to publication. Nicole takes us through a tumultuous time in her family’s life, and why it was so important for her to carve out time for writing. In this episode you will discover: […]

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EP321: Damien Lewis — History Isn’t Static

A narrative non-fiction treat this week as bestselling historian Damien Lewis tell us about the extraordinary heroes of his new book SAS Great Escapes. We also discuss research methods, using primary and secondary sources, how to earn the trust of interviewees, adapting history for the screen and why history is not static. In this episode […]

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