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Would you like to get membership to our private Bestseller Experiment group on Facebook (The BXP Team)? Chat with the Two Marks and over 100 bestsellers and future bestselling authors.

As a member of this group, you will get access to exclusives before everyone else. It’s an incredibly passionate community of Bestseller Experiment listeners and writers who share tips, ask for help and share their experiments.

As one member said: “I’ve finally found my Tribe!”

Get access, along with all of the following by becoming a Chart Topper patron today.

  • 1) No more waiting until Monday! Exclusive early access to episodes as soon as they are ready.
  • 3) Automatic entry to every competition we run.
  • 4) Invitation to our Beta and Advance Reader Group
  • 5) Vote for what you want us to cover in the Deep Dives. 
  • 6) Find out which amazing authors we are going to interview and send us your questions for them.
  • 7) Join us as an audience member each month as we record the Bestseller Experiment live. Exclusively for Chart Topper supporters, you get direct video access to the BXP Studios to watch the disaster unfold as we record the show! Also, ask your burning questions, and get an author and book namedrop.  All we can guarantee is it’ll be a lot of fun!  
  • Get that warm fuzzy feeling knowing your support is helping run the podcast every week.


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