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EP321: Damien Lewis — History Isn’t Static

A narrative non-fiction treat this week as bestselling historian Damien Lewis tell us about the extraordinary heroes of his new book SAS Great Escapes. We also discuss research methods, using primary and secondary sources, how to earn the trust of interviewees, adapting history for the screen and why history is not static. In this episode […]

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EP209: Writing Alt. History with JDK Wyneken

The Alt. History genre — also known as Counter-Factual History — takes a key moment in history and use a “What if?” question to create enthralling stories. JDK Wyneken’s forthcoming novel Krelle’s Inferno asks what would have happened if the D-Day landings had failed. We met at Duxford Airbase during the preparations for the D-Day […]

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EP75: Location, location, location and murder with Lara Dearman

We talk to novelist Lara Dearman about her debut book The Devil’s Claw and the importance of place, location, myths and folklore in her fiction and much more. To hear more of this episode in our deep dive, check out patreon.com/bestsellerexperiment Our novel Back To Reality is out now bestsellerexperiment.com/backtoreality   PODCAST In this episode […]

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