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EP167: One Page Punch-Ups with Emad Akhtar

In the very first of our One Page Punch-Up specials we asked our Patreon Chart Topper supporters to send us one page from their work-in-progress and we gave them to Orion Editorial Director Emad Akhtar to critique them. The standard of writing was really high and you can read along by downloading the PDFs here… […]

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EP128: Youtube LIVE show with Ed Wilson (Mr. Stay’s agent spills the beans on money and more)

This is not the usual ‘How do you get an agent?’ show, instead we talk about money, author’s earnings, shrinking advances, publishers’ profits, and that letter from the Society of Authors to the Publishing Association (and we get sidetracked into a conversation about socks)…   To support the show, check out bestsellerexperiment.com/support Our novel Back […]

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EP81: Live Show Q&A with the two Marks

Behold, the highlights of this month’s YouTube Live show for our Patreon supporters. To hear more of this episode in our deep dive, check out patreon.com/bestsellerexperiment Our novel Back To Reality is out now bestsellerexperiment.com/backtoreality   PODCAST In this episode you will discover… How long your should project be. How to tell if it’s a […]

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