Free Worksheet: How to Generate Theme & Story Ideas

In Episode 11 (Writing a Bestseller – The Story So Far) of The Bestseller Experiment, the Two Marks discuss a tool they created and used to find out what they both love and dislike in life – from music, films, tv, books, passions, crazy life experiences, things that make them mad…

It turns out that having gone through this exercise, they discovered some of the common themes they both wanted to explore in their novel.

This exercise can be really useful for all authors (not just co-authors) to discover what you might want to write about. Whether fiction or non-fiction, we might start out with a ‘Plot’ idea or a “What If…”.  It can be hugely beneficial however to also understand what might be hiding underneath this initial spark. What could be the foundational takeaway for your reader? How might it leave them with a message or even change their life in some way?

It will also help you discover what you have a real passion for and will enable you to “write about what you love”.

Below is the very Worksheet they used which you can download right now. Just enter your name and email to unlock the premium content.

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