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EP312: Adele Geras — Be Whoever You Want

Adele Geras is one of Britain’s most acclaimed writers, and has written over 100 books for both children and adults. With her latest novel Dangerous Women she’s written her first historical thriller under the pseudonym Hope Adams. We talk about writing under a pseudonym, taking liberties with history, the challenges of writing a thriller for the first time, […]

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EP209: Writing Alt. History with JDK Wyneken

The Alt. History genre — also known as Counter-Factual History — takes a key moment in history and use a “What if?” question to create enthralling stories. JDK Wyneken’s forthcoming novel Krelle’s Inferno asks what would have happened if the D-Day landings had failed. We met at Duxford Airbase during the preparations for the D-Day […]

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EP81: Live Show Q&A with the two Marks

Behold, the highlights of this month’s YouTube Live show for our Patreon supporters. To hear more of this episode in our deep dive, check out patreon.com/bestsellerexperiment Our novel Back To Reality is out now bestsellerexperiment.com/backtoreality   PODCAST In this episode you will discover… How long your should project be. How to tell if it’s a […]

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