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EP62: PUBLICATION DAY! Back to Reality is Out Now!
It's Launch Day! After a year of podcasting and writing our book, Back to Reality is finally available to buy[...]
EP61: One Day to Go! Back to Reality Book Reading
In the seventh of our daily mini-episodes in the run-up to publication we thought you might like a little taster[...]
EP60: Two Days to Go! Favourite Pod Moments
In the sixth of our daily mini-episodes in the run-up to publication of Back to Reality, The Two Marks look[...]
EP59: Three Days to Go! Social Media
How do you harness the power of social media in your book launch? Find out in the fifth mini-episode, as[...]
EP58: Four Days to Go! Reviews & Launch Teams
​In the fourth of our daily mini-episodes in the run-up to publication we look at the importance of reviews and[...]
Vote for your Favourite Episode
Who was your favourite guest of the last 52 weeks? Vote now for the episode you most love and we'll reveal[...]
EP57: Five days to go! Beta readers and reviews
​In the third of our daily mini-episodes in the run-up to publication we look at Beta readers and reviews and[...]
EP56: Six Days to Go! Getting Quotes for Your Book
​How do you get pull quotes from other authors for your book? Find out in the second of our daily[...]
EP55: One Week to Go! Back to Reality & Blurbs
​Holy cow! Only seven days until we publish our novel, Back to Reality. This is the first of eight special[...]
EP54: The Mighty Joanna Penn
Only two weeks to go till the publication of our book Back To Reality, and we seek the advice of[...]
EP53: GollanczFest, Gin and a Special Guest
Only three weeks to go till publication, but we somehow found time to talk to the wonderful folk from Gollancz[...]
EP52: Four Weeks To Go!
Holy cow! Only four weeks till publication? Already?? What do we do? How did it come round so soon? Yes,[...]
EP51: The Impossible Choices Of Samantha King
Samantha King is a bestselling debut novelist, and her book The Choice taps into parental fears. Sam has also worked[...]
EP50: Gingerbread
A very special episode with an amazing opportunity for writers.   PODCAST Competition Link: https://gingerbread.org.uk/content/2454/One-in-four-new-writer-competition   In this episode you will[...]
EP49: Bookbub Mythbusting
As the two Marks gear-up for publication, it’s suddenly dawned on them that they will have to market and sell[...]
EP48: A Kick In The Ed
The two Marks have met with their editor. Sit in on one of their story sessions as they go through[...]
EP47: Titles, Covers & Deadlines
In the second part of this conversation between the two Marks before their book goes to their editor, they wonder[...]
EP46: Research and Reconnoitring
The two Marks are recording in the same room! Will universes collide? Will they reveal any more about their damn[...]
EP45: Katherine May – Creative Writing Cocktails
Katherine May is an award-winning writer, blogger and the programme director of creative writing at Canterbury, Christ Church University. She[...]
EP44: Jennifer Niven
Jennifer Niven is a phenomenally successful YA novelist. All The Bright Places was a Goodreads Choice Award winner and is[...]
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EP44: Jennifer Niven
Jennifer Niven is a phenomenally successful YA novelist. All The Bright Places was a Goodreads Choice Award winner and is[...]
EP43: Martina Cole – Dangerous Lady
Martina Cole is the undisputed queen of British crime fiction. She’s sold over 14 million books and her novels regularly[...]
EP42: The End
We’ve done it, we’ve finished our first draft! After months of writing — and that outline — we discuss what[...]
EP41: Deon Meyer Fever!
Deon is a bestselling thriller writer from South Africa whose books have been translated into 20 languages, but with his[...]
EP40: Laura Barnett’s Greatest Hits
Laura Barnett’s 2015 debut The Versions Of Us was a smash hit, a number one bestseller, and translated into 23[...]
EP39: Million-Selling Children Books | Karen Ball
A children’s fiction special. We talk with Karen Ball who has published some of the bestselling children’s series of the[...]
EP38: From The Heart | Erica James
How do you touch the heart of your readers? We get emotional over tea and cake with bestselling author Erica[...]
EP37: Go For Launch | Susan Kaye Quinn
In the second part of our interview with Susan Kaye Quinn, we talk about how to launch your book, pre-orders,[...]
EP36: For Love Or Money | Susan Kaye Quinn
Susan Kaye Quinn is not only a genuine rocket scientist, but she’s also a bestselling indie author in fiction and[...]
EP35: The Incredible Tenacity Of Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards is a bestselling author, having sold over two million psychological thrillers including The Magpies. Having been self-published and traditionally-published,[...]
EP34: Into The Woods With John Yorke
John Yorke is one of the world's leading lights in the art of storytelling. As former head of Channel Four[...]
EP33: A Deep Dive With The Two Marks
The two Marks discuss the progress of their novel so far as the deadline rapidly approaches, and Mr. Stay recalls[...]
EP32: Legal Eagles | Keith Mathieson and Paul Joseph
We get lawyered-up in this fascinating episode where we talk to a pair of top entertainment lawyers: Keith Mathieson is[...]
EP31: Fear of Failure | Julie Cohen
Julie Cohen is the author of over twenty novels, including the Richard & Judy bestseller Dear Thing. She also teaches[...]
EP30: The Future Of Publishing | David Shelley
David Shelley is the CEO of Orion Publishing and the Little, Brown Publishing Group, he started as an editor, working[...]
EP29: Kate Harrison | Bestselling Insights
Kate Harrison is a rare breed. A fiction and non-fiction award-winning author who used her insight experience with the BBC[...]
EP28: What Exactly Is A Bestseller? Number Crunching with Nielsen
We answer one of the most common questions we get on our quest: What is a bestseller? We spoke to[...]
EP27: From Script, To Screen, To Book | Jo Ho
Jo Ho is an award-winning screenwriter and director, best known for creating the BBC TV series Spirit Warriors, but she[...]
EP26: Author & Editor In A Hot Mess | Lucy Vine & Katie Seaman
Lucy Vine is a freelance journalist who has written for pretty much every magazine going. Inspired by one of Lucy’s[...]
EP25: The M Word | Shannon Mayer
We welcome back Shannon Mayer for the third and final part of our epic interview with her and we finally[...]

EP15: MARK HUCKERBY & NICK OSTLER | Peter Rabbit vs Werewolves

EP14: JOHN CONNOLLY - No Formulas & Finishing Books

EP13: MICHELLE PAVER - Research To The Extreme

EP12: MARIA SEMPLE - How To Find Your Voice As A Writer


EP10: ROBIN STEVENS - NaNoWriMo Success Story

EP09: JOE ABERCROMBIE - Dancing Naked in the Rain

EP08: GRANT FAULKNER - NanoWrimo (Part 2)

EP07: MICHAEL CONNELLY - The World's Greatest Thriller Author

EP06: BRYAN CRANSTON - Breaking Bad

EP05: GRANT FAULKNER - NanoWrimo (Part 1)

EP04: JOANNE HARRIS - Chocolat

EP03: SHANNON MAYER - Multi-Million Selling Indie Author

EP02: SAM EADES AND JULIET EWERS- Million-Selling Editors

EP01: VICS TRANTER - Hachette


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EP11: Writing a Bestseller | The Story So Far
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